Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula Services

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Birth is raw and honest and beautiful. 

So you ask yourself what is the best birthing option for you, at home? Hospital? Epidural? Perhaps you wonder about breastfeeding, you worry about the pain, you worry about making the “right” decision. Then you search for a Boston doula and most of all… you wait. Then wait for the moment you will bring your little one hearthside, and hold them in your arms.

Let me help you navigate the journey of pregnancy, labor & birth!!!

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You may be wondering, what exactly is a doula & what do they actually do? Perhaps this is your first time even hearing what. doula is, or maybe you know exactly what we do! Often times parents hear about a doula from their friends, and this is their first experience learning all about them. As a doula I provide services during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and postpartum. During a time that can often feel vulnerable, stressful & a little scary I provide guidance and certainty. As a Boston doula my first order of business is to get to know you, as well as provide you with information to better prepare you for your labor and birth. This includes everything from epidurals, ways to prepare for birth & to best ways to push when time comes.  We will also discussed your wishes, ways to advocate for your wishes & how to best serve you in your birthing space. 

Having trained in Spinning Babies, together we will dive into the world of stretches, breathing and yoga! All things to prepare your body for the marathon that is labor & birth, creating he best possible scenario for your little ones arrival. With Spinning Babies I will show you how to stretch ligaments, relieve back pain & aliments, breath and help baby position themselves to make ready for labor. 

Besides Spinning Babies, I have all sorts of comfort measures in my doula bag. Such as manage creams, diffusers, night sky lighting, heating pads, massage creams, ect. We will work together to help you through labor the way women have been helped for thousands of years, and have your voice and wishes respected as to how YOU want to labor, helping advocate for yourself if in a hospital setting. I am a firm believer that your birth story should be looked back on fondly, with pride & a feeling of gladness and feelings of joy knowing you were respected and heard.  

Many parents choose to have their labor & birth documented in beautiful tasteful documentary photography gallery. If this is something you wish for, get excited! Birth photography documentation is included in my doula services! 

During your birthing experience every moment is cherished, emotions run high, and miracles unfold right before our eyes. During this time you will harness all your power, and bring forth your baby into the world. For your special day I bring my knowledge of birth & photography, bringing the two together and capturing the beauty of your childbirth experience. As your Boston doula & birth photographer it’s my job to help create a positive and empowering birthing experience for you…Get ready to be inspired by the magic of these two extraordinary elements!!!

Birth attendant by Boston Doula in Women & Brighmas Boston

Boston Doula

& Birth Photographer

If you wish for your birth to be photographed, you will receive a beautiful password protected gallery after your little one arrives. The birth of your baby will be a profound, transformative journey! As a photographer, I absolutely love capturing births for my parents-to-be! 

Birth photography is the art of capturing those moments of strength, vulnerability, and sheer joy. It’s about preserving memories that will last a lifetime and sharing the incredible stories of new beginnings. As your Boston doula, and birth photographer, I am an observer & I am the keeper of the energy in the room. I will bring comfort measures to get you through the finish line of birth, all while capturing your journey. From the tender anticipation of early labor to the triumphant first cry, every emotion is captured in a timeless image that tells a unique tale.

Let’s celebrate the strength and resilience of your own body! 

Intense Connection

Raw Emotions

Unwavering love

Labor in Boston MA
Labor at Mount Auburn
Women in labor being attended by birth doula in Boston

As a Boston doula I will provide physical, emotional, and informational support to you and your family throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

I want to ensure you will have the knowledge, confidence, and support they need to make informed decisions about your birthing space. Firstly, I will provide continuous care, and help you advocate for yourself all your wishes and emotional needs. Secondly, I will accomplish this is by offering comfort measures, such as massage, breathing techniques, and positioning suggestions, to help you experience a positive birth experience. So my role is to provide you with the care & support you will need on the marathon that is birth. Whether you are there for 3 hours or 12, I will be by your side helping you in any way I can. Most importantly, your comfort & wellbeing are priority, you deserve to feel and BE fully supported during your birth.

During the postpartum period, I will offer guidance on newborn care, breastfeeding, and your emotional well-being. I too have been an overwhelmed mom, and fully understand what you will be going through. You will have support, guidance & help in whatever way you may need. And when I don’t have the answers, I will help you find the right perinatal worker for your needs. 

Birth doula working on labor & delivery Mount Auburn
Women giving birth Boston

Birth is often overshadowed by fear and uncertainty of the unknown. However, I hope to provide love, support, and visual storytelling of your birth. Above all I hope to empower you through this most special time in your life, and offer a smooth transition into parenthood.

I look forward to chatting with you!

<3 Your Boston doula & Birth photographer, Sharon

Birth Doula Services

Birth plan personalized to your needs

On call 3 weeks for birth

2 Prenatal appointments

Support, advocacy, & comfort measures during your labor & birth

1 postpartum appointment 

Breastfeeding support

4 Weeks Unlimited text/call

Complimentary & Optional – Photography coverage of your labor


Sliding Scale available? Yes! 

Still wondering on the specifics of what the birth services include? Take a peek at this breakdown of what's included in Birth Doula Services & what it entails. Still have questions? Reach out! I am happy to chat anytime!

Birth Plan personalized to your needs! 

Adds Whether you already know EXACTLY what you would like for your labor & birth story to be, or are unsure, we will go through many different scenarios & options to see what you think would fit you best. We will also discuss pain relief options, and what each entails. Birth is unpredictable, and sometimes things change. Having prior knowledge of your options often makes decision making much easier during your labor then being blindsided with the unknown. 

2 Prenatal Appointments

Firstly your two prenatal appointments we will get to know each other & figure out what you would like your birthing experience to be. During this time I will offer different options & choices based on your wants, and we will build a birth plan & put strategies to cope for the bumps that may happen on the journey. Together we will go through physical positions to best relieve pain, as well as different comfort measures you may want to use. At this time we will also make a little game plan for support AFTER baby gets here. The prenatal appointments are usually in person, but can ALSO be in zoom to better accommodate your needs. 

On call for 3 weeks, 1.5 weeks before and after your due date.

During this time I will check on you, and be on call and available for when you go into labor. I make a bond & promise to my birthing families to be there for them… and I am on call day/night during this time awaiting labor with you. Once you go into labor we will make a game plan, depending on how you feel, on when to arrive at hospital or for me to come over if home birth. 

And I will be there for your labor & delivery of your precious baby!

For your birth

During your birth I will help you with advocacy according to your birth plan & needs. I will provide support & comfort measures to help you work through your birthing journey in an empowering way. My parents often find my presence reassuring, and I will be there to help you with science based backing what your options include when you are needing to make a decision in the hospital. 

1 Postpartum Appointment, 4 weeks unlimited text/call

Meanwhile when you go home, I want to make sure you are coping well & have a good support system in place. As someone who has been through it, and personally had a hard time, I want to make sure you know I CARE. I am HERE. And I will BE THERE for you, if/when you need me. The first days are overwhelming, having some good supports in place will make a world of difference. And I will be there to make sure you are ready to take on the world with your new pint sized roommate!

Breastfeeding Support

During this time I will help you begin your breastfeeding journey, with fact based help. And connect you with a lactation consult if you ever need extra help along the way! 

Complimentary & Optional– Digital photography coverage of your labor & birth 

To sum up, IF you choose photography you will receive a digital password protected gallery of your birth story will be delivered to your email within 3 weeks of your delivery day. Your birth story will be photographed organically and candidly, capturing your beautiful birth in a memorable way! As a seasoned photographer, its always a joy to deliver beautiful birth photography to my parents! 

Additionally, you can choose from these add ons-

Additional prenatal appointments 

Mini Maternity Session (includes access to client wardrobe)

Newborn Session (includes access to client wardrobe)

Fresh 48 Session

Additional postpartum appointments

For parents wanting a photography session check out my Maternity or Newborn pages! 

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