Family Photoshoot Ideas

Everyone loves the fun fall family shoots! Fall colors, fall leaves, crisp air! But have you ever thought about switching up your yearly family session?

Add a little zest, and step outside the norm with these awesome family session ideas! 

City, lights… ACTION! 


A city feel, the streets, the cars, the lights! 

Step back from the woods into downtown!! A fun family outing & use your local sidewalk as the backdrop for an amazingly fun family shoot! 

3 kids with a black dog smiling for a picture in Downtown West Concord MA
smiling family with a dog on a street in downtown Concord MA

Roses are red, violets are blue…. a garden is perfect, for a family shoot! 


Step into the garden, and smell the roses (LITERALLY!) 

A beautiful spring day is perfect weather to capture a beautiful family photography session, a different look & perfect for hanging on the wall or for holiday cards! 

parents holding baby in a brick garden walkway with purple flowers
parents kissing baby surrounded by flowers
baby sitting on a brick walkway in a flower garden in Concord MA

There is no place like home! <3 




Sometimes the best place for family photographs is home! After all, this is where so many memories are made! A photography session, lifestyle like at home makes a fantastic option for kiddos that are very young, anxious or a little shy. Being surrounded by their belongings and familiar places help make genuine happy smiles! Capturing beautiful memories in their childhood home! 

mom breastfeeding baby while toddler &. dad look on smiling & laughing

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