What to Look for in a Newborn Photographer

newborn baby boy in a white bear hat with hands under chin on a whit backdrop

When you are searching for a professional photographer, it is like a box of chocolates! There are any number of photographers, with different levels of expertise, & one to fit any budget.Β 

Here are a few tips to choosing a photographer for your very special newborn session πŸ˜€

Their speciality is newborn!

A photographer who niches in newborn photography will have EVERYTHING needed for an amazing newborn photoshoot! Baskets, blankets, hats, stuffies! On top of that they will have all the tricks of the trade to help babies be comfortable during their session.Β 

A professional photographer will be well versed in newborn baby posing! Keeping your baby comfortable & safe during a newborn session is key! There is much to learn on how to properly pose a baby, when searching for a photographer to look at their portfolio. See if babies look relaxed, at ease & comfortable… because that’s what you want for your own baby!Β 

A legal business, with a good website & lots in their portfolio shows the photographer is committed to putting their best foot forward & doing things right. Cutting corners is never a good thing when precious fragile newborn babies are involved.Β 

If someone markets themselves as “cheap” or “too good” a deal, it probably is.

Everyone starts somewhere, but newborn photography is a very delicate niche. Practicing on newborn babies is something I would never recommend to anyone. A professional photographer is well worth the beautiful images & peace of mind knowing your baby is in great hands!Β 

And of course, babies are always in safe & experienced hands at Sharon Watkins Photography! πŸ˜€Β 

baby in a blue bucket wearing gray bear hat

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