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Finding a good provider when searching for an OB can be stressful! Especially if you are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant. Finding providers who are warm, caring & respectful of your choices is so important. At AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology in Concord MA many moms & moms have found the perfect providers! 

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Labor & delivery at AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology Concord MA

AFA Ob/gyn offers services at 3 different locations in metrowest Boston. With offices located in Concord, Leominster & Westford you have many locations to best suit your needs, as well as they offer early morning & evening appointments for your convenience. Women owned & managed, they strive to offer warm, & compassionate care for all women & mothers to be. Since the providers are moms, they understand the need for flexibility when delivering services to their clients. 

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Gynecology services

AFA ob/gyn offers gynecology services for women of all ages. Services include birth control, yearly check ups, infertility treatments, periods, STDs & menopause. Birth control is also offered in many forms from IUDs, pills, permanent birth control ect. They have you covered in compassionate care with their experienced nurses & doctors for all reproductive needs! 

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Obstetrical care

The AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology offers obstetrical care for all women who are expecting or hoping to become pregnant. The team at AFA understands how important it is to have early & continuous care during your pregnancy to monitor your baby for a healthy pregnancy. Highly trained professionals are very capable of providing the best care for preterm labor, high blood pressure, twin pregnancies, diabetes & other high risk factors. AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology is affiliated with Brighams and Women’s & Boston MFM to handle very high risk cases. If you are a good candidate for VBAC Emerson Birthing Center offers you a safe environment to do so. Prenatal and Postnatal exercise classes are also offered through Emerson Community Services

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Certified Nurse Midwifery AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology

AFA Obstetrics & Gynecology certified midwives are educated & trained in both midwifery & nursing. Your midwife will explain your options & guide you through each & every stage of pregnancy. They will also help coach & prepare for labor. With your midwife you will be able to explore all pain management options available to you & that fit the birthing plan you envisioned. Those include such methods as hydrotherapy, movement during labor, techniques to stay relaxed or try medications. Most popular labor & delivery medications include epidural or nitrous oxide. With your providers you will work together towards the birthing plan you design & for a safe delivery. The safety & comfort of both baby & mom is the topmost importance. Births are unpredictable & your midwife will be able to explain & give options if/when needed to bring you a safe birth delivery. 

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