BEST things to do in Concord MA

Down Rt 2 west of Cambridge & Boston is the historic Concord. I moved to Concord MA to raise my family. I am so excited to tell you all about the 20 BEST Things to do in Concord MA! An amazing town, full of rich history & great people, a fantastic place to visit for all the story buffs!

Family Session Downtown Concord MA
Downtown West Concord Family Session | Sharon Watkins Photography

Things to Do in Concord ma


A must do if you love history & want to see what Concord is famous for! Their role in the Revolutionary War cemented Concord MA in the history of the USA forever. Learn all about this story, see the original lantern made by Paul Revere, & shop in the Revolutionary Shop for unique souvenirs.


Henry David Thoreau is one of the most influential & powerful writers that have ever lived in America. He was a naturalist, writer, philosopher, scientist, & social reformer…. a most celebrated figure in Concord. Across the street from beautiful Walden Pond, it is worth the visit to spend a great afternoon in things to do in Concord MA.


One of the most beautiful ponds! Now a public beach, with a lovely round about hiking loop, this is the best spot to spend a great day relaxing in Concord MA. Parking is available, but limited, definitely arrive early if coming in summer. In fall the hiking is breathtaking with a glassy pond, truly a breathtaking bit of nature of Route 2.


THE place to stay when traveling to Concord MA! This historic Inn goes back to 1716, with its original building being used to store ammunition for the revolutionary war. Then expanding from a home, to an inn, a store, and down the years to this amazing hotel & restaurant in town. Words cannot do it justice, come eat at the restaurant, check out the original fireplaces & learn about the ‘haunted’ rooms! See their website HERE

A MUST in things to do in Concord MA!


Down the street from the Concord Colonial Inn, this historic cemetery is the resting place of many like Henry Thoreau, Luisa May Alcott (Little Women), Ralph Waldo Emerson & Sophia Hawthorne. Among less famous but nevertheless just as important, are those that lived here in town through the centuries. Whole families of Concordians, Revolutionary & Civil War veterans, and other townspeople. A place of deep reflection & appreciation for those that built this town.


A writer, poet & novelist best known for “Little Women ” her novel published in 1868. A feminist & abolitionist, ahead of her time, she was a woman worthy of all the praise given her. Come learn all about her family life, her life as a woman in the 1800s, & how it influenced the popular novel “Little Women”

at the “Orchard House” in things to do in Concord MA.


This gorgeous Georgian style home, on the banks of the Concord River, was witness to the most famous battle of the Revolutionary War on April 19,1775… the shot heard around the world! This was the beginning of the Revolutionary war, the Minuteman & the birth of the United States of America. Home to many notable Concordians through time, it’s a beautiful location to enjoy.

Old Manse Park Garden | Sharon Watkins Photography


A winding 1/4 mile pathway from the the Visitors Center to the Old Manse, crosses right over the Old North Bridge. At this location the famous battle that started the Revolutionary War took place. A place of true New England beauty, a most popular activity in things to do in Concord MA.


Across the street from the Old Manse, is located the Robbins House, Concords African American History house. A small house built in the early 1800s, this house fostered generations descendants of a formerly enslaved African American Revolutionary War veteran, Caesar Robbins, and by a fugitive slave Jack Garrison. A place for open dialogue about race, and foster reconciliation and healing. Top of list on things to do in Concord MA.


Extending over the towns of Lexington, Lincoln & Concord, hike this Battle Road Trail where the Regulars (red coats) marched down from Boston to Concord. Extending over 5 miles, connecting many historical sites along the way, this is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon taking in both nature & history.

Did you know there are TWO downtowns in Concord?


So many amazing shops to check out & places to eat, all within walking distance of the Concord Colonial Inn! Here are some of my favorite places to stop by!

The Barrow Bookstore: an amazing quaint used book store

Graem: Do you like nuts & chocolates? This is the place for you!

Helen’s Restaurant: Delicious quaint place to grab a bite to eat

Sally Anns Bakery: Delicious place for a quick bite & baked goods! (Get a pie! )


I may be biased but my studio is located in Downtown West Concord, so this place is very near & dear to my heart!

Here are my favorite places to pop by!

Debras Natural Gourmet: Two stores for every possible holistic need & a deli shop delicious food offering

lots of vegan, gluten free & other dietary needs. They also make DELICIOUS poke bowls!

Woods Hill: A more sit-down restaurant with farm to table delicious dishes

Concord Tea Cakes: Coffee & baked goods, need I say more?

Joy Street: A wonderful store with many souvenir & gift options

There are so many fun things to do in Concord MA! While these are my top favorites, there is lots more this special town has to offer! Enjoy your time exploring Concord, Massachusetts and let me know what else you discover!

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