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A new mom, seasoned mom, mom to be? There will always be a need for you to visit a Boston toy stores! Whether you are getting ready for your own little one, or grabbing a toy for a birthday party your kiddo was invited to… knowing the best place to go to grab what you need is essential! After all, moms are busy!! That’s why I compiled a short list of 4 top Boston toy Stores you will ever need! So more searching and stressing, you can find exactly what kind of store you need!

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There are things that moms look for when looking for quality toys for their children. When looking for that perfect birthday toy, or gift, keep these in mind.

How age appropriate are the toys? A quality toy should be appropriate for a child’s age and developmental stage. Toys that are too advanced or too simple may not hold a child’s interest or be safe to play with.

Safety is a top concern for moms when selecting toys for their children. Quality toys should be made with safe, non-toxic materials and meet safety standards.

Moms may look for toys that offer educational benefits, such as promoting cognitive, social, or physical development. Educational toys are super important to your little ones developement.

Quality toys should be well-made and able to withstand the wear and tear of children’s play. They should be able to withstand rough handling and last for a long time. Toys breaking shortly after purchase is something no parent wants to deal with!

And most important! How much will your little one enjoy this toy?! Moms want their children to enjoy their toys and have fun while playing with them. A quality toy should be engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable for the child to play with.

Overall, moms want toys that are safe, age-appropriate, educational, durable, and fun for their children to play with! And these stores give you exactly what you are looking for!

The 4 best Boston Toy Stores

Happy Journey Store

Boston MA

When you are looking for an heirloom quality toy Boston toy store!

This store is amazing and carries everything from ride on wooden toys, wooden train sets, puppet shows & beautiful wooden doll houses!

If you are looking for high quality heirloom children’s toys this store is a must check out! Adorable chess sets, tea cups, stuffed mermaids, wooden cars & cranes, tool sets & even musical instruments. Well made & long lasting wooden toys are plentiful as well as very well made and beautiful stuffed animals, a gem with truly curated toys made with care and chosen with love. Owned by Lindsay, a teacher at the Children’s hospital this store truly cares about their community, a portion of their Happy Journey Book sales are given every year to Emmets playground. Stocking quality products is extremely important to them. Moms rave in the reviews about truly high quality heirloom toys that are not easy to come by. So when searching for a high quality heirloom toy, take a peek at Happy Journey HERE!

Boston toys stores

When you are looking for fun, newest & coolest toys Boston toy store!

Boing! Toy Shop

Boston MA | Jamaica Plain MA

A one stop shop for all your toy needs! They got balls, they got slime, they got toy kits, they got baby toys, wooden toys, stuffed animals & more!

When you are searching for the perfect place to grab that birthday present for kids any age, this is it! A big bonus is staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable & provide excellent customer service . Very popular with moms, and rave reviews online! A one stop shop with all the coolest & newest toys, something for everyone. A big bonus that makes things convenient for parents is the on-site gift wrapping, what a perk when you are looking for the perfect birthday present!

Henry Bears Park

Brookline MA

Super well stocked store, lots to see & buy! Light up balls, scooters, science kits, slime, stuffies, dolls, barbies…. and on and on the toy list goes! The staff is friendly, and willing to help out a client whenever they can. If you have kiddos ranging in ages from toddler to pre-teen, this a great store to find something for everyone.

When you are looking for everything a baby & toddler may need Boston toy Store!

Magic Beans

Cambridge MA | Wellesley MA

If you are expecting, this store is a must visit! Not only is it a toy store, but here you will find your car seats, strollers, travel packs, baby carries, swaddle sets, burp blankets, baby clothes…. and so much more! Magic beans is specially geared towards getting new parents set up with al the gear they will need when baby arrives. They offer full service baby registry, stroller test-drives, baby stroller match making service (unsure of what the best stroller for you is? then this service is for you!) Their friendly staff is trained & ready to help you find the right gear for your needs, as well as chat with you about proper car seat installation! They also have a nice array of baby & toddler friendly toys!

Boston toy stores

I hope this has helped you narrow down your search when trying to find a Boston Toy store that specifically fits your needs! As a mom myself I understand time is precious, so I enjoy helping other moms find the perfect stores & providers for them based on their needs!

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