Cake smash photo session ideas!


Why do I need cake smash photo session ideas? After all, what is a cake smash photo session? Sounds funny doesn’t it? A smash cake session is a photo shoot that celebrates a child’s first birthday. It typically involves the child sitting in front of a small cake and digging in with their hands. The resulting mess is often captured by a photographer, and the resulting photos are a fun and memorable way to document the occasion. Some parents choose to do a smash cake session as an alternative to a traditional birthday party, while others use it as a way to capture special memories of their child’s first birthday.

cake smash photo session Boston MA
Cake Smash Photo Session- Concord MA | Sharon Watkins Photography

Cake Smash photo session ideas

Here are a few ideas cake smash photo session ideas to commemorate your Childs first birthday:

  1. A circus or carnival theme, complete with circus decorations, stuffed animals & a ring leader outfit with a top hat!
  2. A “one-derland” theme, with decorations in shades of pink, blue, or yellow, and lots of fun Alice in Wonderland-themed elements. Teacups, teapots & perhaps a mad hatter tea party!
  3. A tropical or beach-themed party, with decorations such as palm trees, beach balls, and inflatable pool toys.
  4. A sports-themed party, with decorations and games based on your child’s favorite sports team or sport.
  5. A garden party, with decorations such as flowers, teacups & lots and lots of flowers!

Looking for more unique cake smash photo session ideas? Here are more “think outside the box” options you will really love!

  1. A “firsts” theme, with decorations and activities based on firsts such as first steps, first words, and first foods.
  2. A “book-themed” party, with decorations and activities based on your child’s favorite stories or characters.
  3. A “Princess” themed party, complete with tutus, crown, pink tulle everywhere!
  4. A “first flight” party, with a plane or hot air balloon-themed cake and decorations, with little hanging planes!
  5. A “first adventure” party, with a camping or hiking theme. Options could include a small tent, stuffed animals & a pretend came fire!
  6. A “first chefs” party, with a cooking-themed cake smash photo session ideas! Pizza, pasta, cakes… and of course a little chef hat!
  7. “first artists” party, with a painting or crafting theme. Imagine your little one “painting” with frosting on a cake canvas?! With little paint brushes, fondant colors & a little hat! How adorable!

No matter what theme you choose to celebrate your little ones 1st birthday, these are memories you will never forget! For some more inspiration you could also check out Pinterest, they have every kind of inspiration ideas.

I hope this arrive helped you narrow down some options for your little ones cake smash photo session ideas! If you are interested in a professional cake cash photo session, please feel free to reach out! Themed cake smash sessions can be an $200+ on top of your regular session pricing depending on how elaborate you would like the theme & cake to be. Check out my work portfolio HERE.

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