Choosing the BEST newborn Cambridge photographer in Boston

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When you are searching for a professional family & newborn Cambridge photographer, it is like a box of chocolates! There are many options out there, how would you choose the best baby photographer for you? Here are some tips on finding the perfect newborn baby photographer in the Boston!

Learn What to look for in a newborn Cambridge Photographer

Just like when choosing a hairdresser, mechanic, contractor or another service person, trust comes into play. It is very important that you can trust your newborn photographer to create beautiful images you can cherish for a lifetime. But also to keep your bundle of joy safe during session. Whatever is most important to you when looking for a newborn photographer, ensuring your comfort & your sweet baby’s safety is topmost important!

I highly encourage you to read reviews, look at the photographers website & trust your instinct with what feels right!

Here are a few tips to choosing a photographer for your very special newborn session


A photographer who specializes in newborn photography will have EVERYTHING needed for an amazing newborn photoshoot! Baskets, blankets, hats, stuffies… On top of that they will have all the tricks of the trade to help babies be comfortable during their session.

A professional newborn baby photographer will be well versed in newborn photography posing! Keeping your baby comfortable & safe during a newborn session is key! There is much to learn on how to properly pose a baby, to safely pose them without restricting any breathing or cutting off circulation. Newborn babies while flexible are very fragile, and knowing how to properly achieve newborn posing during the newborn photography session is of the utmost importance! When you are searching for a photographer, look at their portfolio. See if babies look relaxed, at ease & comfortable… because that’s what you want for your own baby!

I have spent years perfecting my craft, and I am so passionate about my work. Your baby’s safety & comfort is my #1 priority, and ensuring my new parents are comfortable & relaxed during your session is very important to me. During your newborn session your precious baby will be in full view of you, you will be able to watch, relax & enjoy the refreshments offered for the session. I want you to leave your newborn session feeling happy, confident & completely sure you picked the right person to capture this important milestone in your life.

Cambridge Photographer

Here are some of the experiences clients have said about their newborn session experience with me!

“Sharon is absolutely amazing! I contacted her before my son was born to set up a temporary date for our session. We had a unique situation where my son had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks after he was born. Sharon was extremely understanding and accommodating and once he came home, got us in for the very next week! I expressed some concerns because my son was a month old at this point and more awake and fussy than the typical 2 week old.

Sharon eased my concerns and made me feel so much better about the session! She set the perfect mood for the session so my son was sleepy, she provided all of the cute outfits/ bundles but also included a picture that we wanted. She is very professional but also very down to earth and personable! The entire experience exceeded my expectations! We just got the pictures back today and I am so amazed at how beautiful they came out! We are so in love with them! Highly recommend Sharon!”

Taylor Messana, Google Reviews

“Sharon is an incredibly talented newborn photographer! We had no idea how our little guy would do at only 11 days but Sharon made sure he was super cozy and put his comfort first while getting so many amazing shots of him. We love all of our photos, including our family shots and so appreciate Sharon capturing such adorable shots of our baby boy. I highly recommend Sharon to anyone looking for baby/family photos, especially newborns!” -Kayla Scire, Google Reviews

“We just did a newborn session with Sharon and could not be happier with the experience and end product. The session itself was so much fun. Our baby was so comfortable in the studio and Sharon was so good with him. We took a variety of pics from family shots to baby in a basket shots. All the pictures turned out amazing and Sharon’s turnaround was quick. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sharon and we will definitely be back for more milestones.” Melissa Levine, Google Reviews


Photographers have all different ways of delivering & showcasing final products to clients. Usually photographers in general are differentiated into two different categories: In person sales and online digital galleries. What does this mean? Well, I will try my best to explain the differences. It is important to as & understand your photographer’s delivery process & pricing before booking. This is only a general guideline of what can be expected.

In Person Sales

This generally means that the photographer charges a session fee, which is usually a few hundred dollars. A session fee generally only covers the photographer’s time setting up session, photographing your session, culling & editing session. It does not include any digital images, prints, wall arts, ect. The session fee just covers the photographer’s time & expertise. Within a certain range of time, usually a few weeks, you will have another appointment with your photographer.

At this time you will be able to sit down & choose the photographs you would like to purchase. With an in person sales photographer you can expect to purchase a certain amount of tangible products, such as prints, wall portraits, canvases, albums, ect BEFORE you have an option to purchase digital images. If you are choosing to go with an in person photographer it is extremely important to familiarize yourself with their pricing before booking your session. Without being 100% confident with their pricing issues can arise when you see final pricing. Again, in person photographers generally charge a session fee which only includes photographers time & expertise and no photography digital or print products at all.

Online Digital Galleries

Being an online digital gallery photographer typically means that once you have photographed your session with your photographer, there is no follow up appointment you must physically show up to. Digital gallery photographers usually start all their photograph packages with the inclusion of digital images, and may have a few different packages to choose from. A professional photographer who is not in-person sales will deliver their digital images from an online gallery, once you have chosen the amount of images/photography package you would like. Sometimes, but not all the time, online gallery photographers may offer the prints in their photography packages or as an additional purchase option.

As a newborn Cambridge photographer, I am very understanding of how precious time is for busy parents! I strive to make all my pricing extremely easy to understand & am as transparent about my newborn session pricing as possible. Once your session is photographed, within 3 weeks, I deliver an amazing final edited session that you will adore! My sessions are delivered right from an online gallery, which is very user friendly. From there you will be able to pick all the digital images you would like included in your photography package, and upgrade collections if you would like.

My pricing is easily accessible for anyone who is inquiring about a newborn photography session & easy to understand. In my current session pricing I include a number of digital images, and in some there are complimentary prints included to match those digital images. Clients have the choice of 3 different packages to choose from, and are inclusive of digital images & my time & expertise. Additional products such as more prints, canvases, albums, ect are all available separately if the client is interested.

Baby photographer in BOSTON
Sharon Watkins Photography | Posed Newborn Session in Studio West Concord MA


Newborn photographers generally have two different styles, either posed or lifestyle. When choosing the best option for you, you have to choose what fits your lifestyle more & speaks to you. Look at the photographer’s portfolio, the lighting, the posing, the way the families & babies look in the photographs. All this will give you the best visual information to see if you feel this photographer will be the best option to capture your newborn baby & your first family photographs.

Posed Newborn Session

Think newborn baby in baskets! Photographers who offer posed newborn sessions offer a variety of wraps, baskets, backdrops, themes, ect. for posing a newborn baby in. This is one of the most delicate niches of newborn photography as posing the newborn baby safely takes time, trainman, knowledge & experience. Photographers without proper experience & training should not be offering posed newborn photography. If you are searching for a posed newborn Cambridge photographer I highly encourage you to do lots of research, find a photographer who has an amazing portfolio of calm & comfortable newborn babies, who has been in business a long time & has the expertise to safely pose your newborn baby. Posed newborn sessions put most of the emphasis on newborn babies & different looks and themes rather than making it a family session with a newborn. Here are some of my own work showcasing posed newborn sessions:

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Most photographers that offer lifestyle sessions conduct those sessions in your home, or yard if weather allows such as in summer. Lifestyle newborn sessions put a lot of emphasis in the connection between you and your baby, in a relaxed style. It is essentially capturing you, how you are normally in your home, but in a more artistic way. Such snuggle sessions on the bed or couch, watching baby in the crib, relaxing on the couch, eating on the floor of the nursery, and other relaxed everyday family moments like that. Lifestyle family sessions capture the special new memories with your newborn in your own home, which appeals to lots of new parents as a wonderful memory to have. Here is some of my Lifestyle Newborn Session work:

Don’t forget to look at lighting, photographers are either studio or natural light. Both have a completely different looks. Many photographers use studio lighting in studio & photograph with natural light for lifestyle newborn sessions. Two photographers could use studio lighting at different angles giving completely different results. See what lighting appeals more to you, more darker, moody, true to life, light and airy? So many choices! Lighting can come into play with what is most visually pleasing to you, and what you would love to hang on your wall as a newborn photograph portrait.

I offer both! Posed newborn sessions in my studio located in West Concord & lifestyle newborn sessions in all areas of Cambridge, Belmont, Arlington, Lincoln, Boston, Metrowest Boston & surrounding towns down rt 2 strip. I have over 12 years of experience & offer a beautiful lifestyle newborn photography session or posed newborn studio session.

THE Cambridge photographer RUNS A LEGAL BUSINESS

with an active social media & good online website

A legal business is committed to putting their best foot forward & doing things right. Anyone can call themselves a photographer… and everyone starts somewhere, but marketing yourself as a newborn photographer without any training, or knowledge can be dangerous. A professional Cambridge Photographer will absolutely have all these!

I have invested in ensuring that I made my business a legal & good one. It was also important to me to ensure potential clients are confident in my work. Having a beautiful website, and showcasing my photography, & showing all the wonderful families trust me to capture their little ones. I have spent years investing in myself, and learning my craft. Anyone can pick up a camera and be a photographer, what separates a professional from amateur? Someone who invests in their craft, in all areas. When choosing a newborn photographer pick someone who takes their business seriously. Someone who invests in being a professional legal business.


Everyone starts somewhere, but newborn photography is a very delicate niche. Practicing on newborn babies is something I would never recommend to anyone. A true professional newborn & family Cambridge photographer will be priced profitably. This is to cover not only all their business expenses including insurance, studio locale, baby props, photoshop, ect. A professional newborn baby photographer is well worth the price for beautiful photography images. The peace of mind knowing your baby is in safe & experienced hands! Someone priced too low is a red flag.

A professional would need to charge accordingly to cover all their business investments as well as a livable wage. You wouldn’t trust a random handyman to fix your plumbing right? Thus you shouldn’t trust just anyone to photograph your precious newborn baby. Everyone has a budget, but the investment of hiring a professional for your newborn photography session is not one you will regret! Having a beautiful final product of your little one but also the peace of mind that your newborn baby is in expert hands is priceless.

Why I am worth it

I take great pride in ensuring your baby’s safety during their newborn session. From the start to the very end of your session, my goal is to make your session experience the best! My clients always feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable knowing they have hired an expert in her field. Your newborn baby is in the safest of hands! I always ensure to make your baby comfortable as I gently pose & guide them through the newborn photography session. It is an absolute honor to capture this special time in your life, one I take very seriously.

This is a whole lot of information! I hope it helps guide you on choosing the best newborn & family Cambridge photographer in the Boston & Metrowest Boston area. Since you are on the search for a Cambridge photographer in Boston be sure to check out my work HERE . Reach out to schedule a session if you would like HERE. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

And of course, as a Cambridge photographer servicing all of Boston areas… your babies are always in safe hands with me!

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