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Looking for the perfect Concord MA family, maternity & newborn photographer to capture your memories? You have found me! I specialize in maternity, newborn & families with young kiddos. Whether you are looking for a posed in-studio session or outdoor lifestyle family session, your session will be fun, relaxed & full of great memories. I take great pride in not only delivering beautiful quality photography but also creating a fun photography session experience for my clients. 

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Family, maternity & newborn | Bump to baby 

Capturing those first little days with your baby are the sweetest memories! Gosh, a squishy little adorable little human, capturing all those little details. This Concord MA family, maternity & newborn photographer thinks it’s an absolutely a must do, capturing these first few days! Newborn photography offers two uniquely different styles, posed and lifestyle. 

studio Newborn Concord photographer

Concord Posed Newborn session photographer

Posed newborn photography sessions are held in my studio, and captures images of your newborn baby in carefully crafted and posed positions. This type of photography is typically done within the first two weeks of a baby’s life, as newborns tend to sleep more deeply and are more likely to stay in posed positions during this time. Every pose comes down to your baby & what they the comfortably do. 

Posed newborn photography often involves using props such as blankets, baskets, land other accessories. Little hats, headbands, wraps & other props create unique & adorable poses for baby. Photographers who specialize in newborn photography may also use special lighting and editing techniques to enhance the images and create a soft, dreamy effect. Located in Concord MA my studio is filled with everything needed to create an amazing & memorable newborn session! 

While posed newborn photography can produce beautiful and timeless images of a newborn baby, it’s important to work with a trained and experienced photographer who prioritizes the safety and comfort of the baby at all times. Newborns are delicate and require gentle handling, and a skilled photographer will know how to pose the baby safely and avoid any risks or discomfort. As an experienced Concord MA family, maternity & newborn photographer your baby is in the best of hands for their session. Your baby’s safety & comfort is my #1 priority! 

Lifestyle newborn Concord MA photography

Lifestyle Concord Newborn photography session

Lifestyle newborn photography focuses on capturing natural and candid moments within the first days of life. Usually held in your home they capture newborn baby and their family in their everyday environment. Usually we photograph baby & family in nursery, cuddling in parents bed & sitting on the couch.This type of photography is all about capturing the family’s real-life moments and emotions, rather than posed images in a studio. Completely relaxed & unposed, this style of newborn session is perfect for older newborn babies. 

Lifestyle newborn photography is typically done in the family’s home or another meaningful location, where the family feels comfortable and relaxed. Lifestyle sessions capture the baby’s first days at home, including their interactions with their family, cuddles, feeding, diaper changes, and other everyday moments. To add a personal touch and create a sense of place and home, I love to incorporate your family’s personal belongings and decor. 

Working with me in lifestyle newborn photography creates images that are authentic and capture the unique essence of the family. 

I adore maternity sessions! My studio has a client wardrobe with over 25 AMAZING dresses! Perfect for expectant & new moms, taking the guess out of what to wear. 

Outdoor maternity Concord photography

Outdoor Concord Maternity photographer

Outdoor maternity photography captured images of the expectant mothers in an outdoor beautiful session. Increasingly popular as it offers a unique and stunning backdrop for maternity portraits, specially around the studio! A popular choice is to split session between outdoors & in-studio, best of both worlds! As a Concord MA photographer I adore creating the best experience for my expectant moms! 

Outdoor maternity photography typically takes advantage of natural light and scenery to create a beautiful and organic look. Locations such as parks, beaches, gardens, and forests can all make excellent settings for outdoor maternity photography. They offer a variety of textures, colors, and natural elements to enhance the images.

Working with an experienced photographer who specializes in maternity photography can help ensure that the images are beautifully composed! They will capture the unique beauty and essence of the expectant mother. I ensure mom feels amazing during their session! How often do you get to get dolled up, dressed up & feel amazing?! 

Concord MA photographer maternity in studio poses

Concord MA Studio maternity sessions

Studio maternity photography is perfect for capturing a timeless look, and also for moms whose session is during winter. Creating a clean and classic look that emphasizes the beauty of the expectant mother and her growing belly. In-studio we also create bare bump looks, and nude illusions. The perfect way for mom to truly tune in to the energy of the life inside her, capturing that moment forever.

During a studio maternity session, I will use a variety of lighting techniques. With lighting & poses I will deliver a range of images that showcase the your beauty and the unique bond between you and your baby.

Working with an experienced photographer who specializes in maternity photography can help ensure that the images are beautifully composed. They will capture the unique beauty and essence of the expectant mother. As a seasoned Concord MA family, maternity & newborn photographer that specializes in newborn & maternity session I create an amazing experience for my expectant moms! 

At some point, now that your little one is here, it will be time to capture your family! Popular fall sessions, beautiful spring gardens, perhaps a beach family session? So many different options to capture your growing family! 

Lifestyle family photography in Acton MA

Concord MA Lifestyle family photography

Lifestyle family photography is a style of photography that captures candid and natural moments of a family’s daily life in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The goal of lifestyle family photography is to create a visual story of the family’s relationships, emotions, and connections with each other.

For a lifestyle family session I work to capture your family in a raw, real & candid way. Real laughs, true smiled & unposed connections. Unlike traditional family portraits that are always posed and staged, lifestyle family photography focuses on capturing genuine moments and emotions. I will use natural light and minimal equipment to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows your family to feel at ease and be themselves.

We will play, laugh, count, hike, run & play! This will create images are cherished by your family for years to come! They capture memories and moments that might otherwise have been forgotten. Your little ones today, captured forever in a genuine photograph… timeless! 

I hope this has helped show you all the different ways to capture your family! If you want Concord MA family, maternity & newborn photographer who truly creates timeless memories, I highly encourage a peek at my work & reach out to book your session today! Click here to see my work HERE and chat with me HERE

I look forward to hearing from you & being your Concord MA family, maternity & newborn photographer

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