Fan Pier Marina Boston Maternity Session

pregnant mom poses in front of Fan Pier Marina

A maternity session at Fan Pier Marina in Boston, MA can be a beautiful and picturesque experience for expecting parents. Fan Pier Marina is located in the Seaport District of Boston, offering stunning waterfront views and a vibrant cityscape backdrop. One of my top favorite places to photograph in Boston. As a photographer that specializes in maternity & baby photography, I love to provide my clients with beautiful photography & the best backdrop options! Take a peek at this maternity session split between the Buttrick Mansion in Concord & Fan Pier Marina on a cold wintry day! 

expectant mom posing in a red dress at Fan Pier Marina

Fan Pier Marina Maternity Session

Fan Pier Marina is situated on the waterfront, providing a scenic and serene atmosphere for your maternity photoshoot. The marina features a long boardwalk, charming docks, and panoramic views of Boston Harbor.

Consider scheduling your maternity session during the golden hour, which is the hour before sunset or after sunrise. This time of day offers soft, warm lighting and a magical ambiance that enhances the beauty of the location. A very popular spot for photographs, I always suggest during the week specially during the very popular summer months! 

Pregnant couple posing in downtown Boston

Choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. Many expecting mothers opt for flowy dresses or form-fitting outfits that accentuate the baby bump. Consider coordinating your outfits with your partner if they will be joining the session. Of course, when booking a session with me, you get access to my client wardrobe of over 30 dresses!!! Popular choice with expectant moms as it takes the guess work out of what to wear for your session. 

couple embracing at marina in Boston MA

During your session I will guide you through various poses, and coach you through prompts to achieve relaxed poses. Classic poses such as cradling your baby bump, embracing your partner, or capturing candid moments of joy! 

My maternity sessions usually last about 1 hour, at Fan Pier Marina can last a little longer between shooting time and getting to location. The session time also allows for outfit changes, location variations, and breaks if needed.

As your session gets nearer I will keep an eye on the weather. Cloudy or overcast days will still produce beautiful photos, I will reschedule if heavy rain or extreme weather conditions are expected. (Unless you are into a wet & rainy maternity shoot… because if you are in I am in too!) Since Fan Pier Marina is near the ocean, keeping an eye on the weather is extra important.

pregnant mom posing on snowy day in field in Concord MA

Creating these memories & capturing this special time in your life is so important! Celebrating the miracle of your pregnancy and the arrival of your baby is so worth it! The photographs will serve as cherished keepsakes, preserving the joy, love, and anticipation you and your partner felt during this chapter of your journey. A beautiful location like the Fan Pier Marina is just the ticket for the perfect place!

Since you are searching for a maternity photographer in Boston take a peek at my maternity work here, I look forward to chatting with you! If you would like to see Fan Pier Park during the summer with a modern approach, take a peek here! 

Mom posing in Fan Pier Marina in Boston

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