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In Metrowest Bostons & down the Route 2 corridor lay the historic and beautiful towns of Acton & Concord. Wonderful towns to raise kids with great schools & playgrounds. In addition to its beautiful environment and safe neighborhoods Concord & Acton have an amazing amount of doulas. Doulas and birth midwives provide moms with the BEST care during & after birth.

Here is one of my favorite Boston Birth Doula you can depend upon for excellent labor & birth care!

Boston Birth Doula Illuminated Birth

You Can Trust during labor & delivery


Megan Peasley owns Illuminated Birth, is a birth doula located in Acton MA

An experienced birth doula able to provide the best possible care for your newborn baby & you during your labor and delivery. I have personally had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Megan, & can tell you what a warm & kind person she is. I would highly recommend Illuminated Birth to anyone thinking of hiring a birth doula!

Illuminated Birth, as a birth doula, offers a wide range of services. These include help during your labor and birth for both laboring mama & newborn baby. The services for birth doula include:

Encouragement: During your labor it is priceless to have a calm & experienced person encouraging you, coaching you & helping guide you through labor. I have often heard how close family members often make a laboring mom more nervous. Family is often too stressed out themselves to help mom. A birth doula has all the experience to be the solid & calm rock mom needs during labor.

– Advocating during labor: As you labor, it is very helpful to have someone advocating for your wishes. You & your birth doula will have gone through your birthing plan & alternatives. Your doula and they will ensure that your wishes are heard & respected during your labor.

Care & Peace of mind: A birth doula will help give peace of mind during & after your labor & birth. They will be there watching to ensure your wishes are followed with your baby while you are cleaned up after birth. A second pair of hands to bring water, help hold the baby to you for bonding, and help bring the baby for first breastfeeding.

And more! Reach out to Illuminated Birth to learn more of their services!

Illuminated Birth works availability on-call according to when mom goes into labor, & by booking only. Most birth doulas book up months ahead of time, so it is highly encouraged you contact a birth doula during your second trimester.

Here is what Megan Peasley from Illuminated Birth says:

“I provide doula support, birth photography, and childbirth education classes. My work is equal parts data-driven and heart-led. I have a background as a biologist and appreciate the clarity of data and evidence, but also believe that birth is a highly individualized experience that can’t be defined by data alone. It is a process of love, surrender, and trust. My goal is to support my clients through that process as their witness, guide, and confidant.”

Boston Birth doula

Illuminated Birth

I hope this article has helped you learn about Birth doulas & Illuminated Birth with Megan Peasley & has been helpful in narrowing down your search! Learn more about Illuminated Birth: Click here

Greater Boston is such a great place to live for many families, we have some of the best birth doulas, and I hope you find the right one for you and your family!

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