Old North Bridge Family Session Concord MA

Looking for the perfect little outing, or perhaps the perfect family session spot in Concord? Living here or close by you get to learn many amazing historical facts about the Old North Bridge. Besides being a beautiful place to visit with family, and photograph a family session, it is a popular historical site! The Old North Bridge is a historic site located in Concord, Massachusetts, USA. The history of the Old North Bridge is at the center of the Revolutionary War and events leading up to the war and the battles that took place in Concord. 

Family laying on a blanket on ground for an outdoor Concord MA family session

Old North Bridge Family Session

The Old North Bridge started being recognized in significance during the early stages of the American Revolution. During the War British troops marched from Boston to Concord to seize and destroy military supplies. Muskets, cannons & gunpowder were hidden by the Minuteman in a warehouse. Knowing the regulars were coming the Minuteman started to rally in order to defend their homes and lives.

Children playing with flowers at Old North Bridge Concord MA

As the British troops reached Concord, they encountered opposition from the Minutemen. A battle occurred which spanned the Concord River. The bridge was then was very simple, made of wood ad allowing small carts and horses to pass over. The Old Manse is also across the river, and family living there at the time witnessed. 

Today The Old North Bridge & the Old Manse share a beautiful trail, garden & statue.

During the Revolutionary war the colonial militia, reinforced by other Patriots, engaged the British troops in a running battle as they retreated towards Boston. The events of April 19, 1775 became known as the Battles of Lexington and Concord and were a turning point in the American Revolution.

Children frolicking on the fields in Concord MA

Today the Old Manse, bridge & surrounding area are part of the Minute Man National Historical Park. The park preserves the historic landscape, visitors the opportunity to explore the site and learn about its significance through various exhibits and interpretive materials. The Old North Bridge stands as a symbol of the American Revolutionary War and the quest for independence.

family playing follow the leader on the fields in front of the Old North Bridge.

Besides the historical significance this is a wonderful place to come enjoy a walk. The trail between Old Manse & Buttrick Gardens goes right over the bridge, and is teeming with natural beauty!

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