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Newborn photographer in Acton MA

Most parents are clueless about what to expect during your newborn session. Feelings can range anywhere from excitement, completely comfortable to apprehension and perhaps a little anxiousness. All these feelings are valid! Your newborn Acton photographer should put your fears at ease! Let’s take chat about what to expect during a newborn session with me!

Newborn photographer in Acton MA
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What to expect during your newborn session :

1. When you arrive (inevitably 15 or so minutes late because you have a newborn) you will get greeted by me with a smile, water and snacks. Sessions can last around 2 hours, having a snack to eat while you relax can help you recharge. All while your little one is in excellent seasoned hands!

2. Next I will walk you through the typical of session flow. A quick show of studio, amenities available such as drinks/snacks, a boppy for nursing, changing table &  where the bathroom is. I will be happy to answer any questions & address any concerns at any time!

3. If you wish to be in some images with your baby (I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE!), we will get started on those. Usually set up is family, each parent with baby & then siblings, if any. I always highly encourage taking a few photos with your baby during your newborn session…. you mane not feel like it, but these are memories worth having.

4.  Next is relax and unwind! Really! After the parent portion of your session with you will be free to sit and relax while I go ahead & photograph the rest of your session with just baby. As a local Acton photographer my goal is to make your newborn session a relaxed & happy experience.

5. During your newborn session will see me wrap, unwrap, pose baby in buckets, baskets, blankets with and without hats/props. Perhaps you will even catch a baby smile or two! 

During this time I will periodically show you images from from the camera, bring you baby for feedings &/or diaper changes, and occasionally fist bump the air when I get the perfect newborn pose! From the seating area you will be in full view of area where I am photographing your newborn session at all times, it is a one room studio baby will never be more then a few feet from you.

6. And….That’s it!  After a couple hours your newborn session will be over, and you will be on your way. Hopefully you will leave feeling relaxed, a little more rested & excited to see your session images!!

Mama & baby with Acton photographer session
Acton photographer in Massachusetts

 You are entrusting your newborn baby to a seasoned professional, who SPECIALIZES in newborn session photography & has  many years of experience.  Acton photographer with a studio located in Concord MA, servicing all local areas in Acton MA, Maynard MA, Littleton MA & surrounding areas.

Your baby’s comfort and safety are my #1 priority! Still unsure? Would you like to learn more & take a deep dive into exactly what to look for in a newborn photographer in Boston? Check out this blog HERE.

Looking to get more info & want to chat? Check out my newborn session portfolio HERE!

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