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Are you feeling you may need reproductive mental health & are looking for a practice? Concord Therapy is the perfect resource for you! Owned by Dr. Lauren Brown, this perinatal therapy office is the only one of its kind in Metrowest Boston & Middlesex County! A therapist specializing in the specific mental health issues women often deal with during perinatal years. As an expectant mom, new mom or women struggling with infertility it is imperative to find a mental health provider who will provide a safe & comfortable space for you… I personally have known Dr. Lauren Brown & know her to be the most wonderful perinatal mental health caregiver! Concord Therapy is located in Downtown West Concord, situated directly across from the train station for easy accessibility.

Concord Therapy Offering perinatal advice in Concord MA

Concord Therapy offers help in these areas


Concord therapy offers the best of the best care throughout your infertility & loss journeys. Infertility is a very painful process, Dr. Lauren Brown has extensive experience in guiding moms through IVF journeys, & all the trepidation surrounding your infertility journey.


As you begin this new chapter of your life, things can get super hectic. Sometimes, you just need a little assistance along the way! Concord Therapy can help guide you through the different stages of your pregnancy & processing the emotions of birth. Pregnancy can be hard on a woman’s body, and many emotions can come up as the life inside you grows. Stress & anxiety are very common emotions to experience during your pregnancy, having a safe space to talk about it like Concord Therapy can help dissuade any fears & stress so you can enjoy your pregnancy in confidence. Birth is unpredictable, Dr. Lauren Brown can help you through any emotions you may experience during your birth, to clear the way for your new “normal” … Life with a newborn!


Your new normal, a small little person who depends on you for every little thing…. can be overwhelming! Most people talk about the baby, but once mom gives birth she is very often overlooked. Concord Therapy is an amazing resource to work through any emotions & stress from your new “normal”. A place to work out, without judgment, all the emotions that can bottle up. Taking care of your mental health during these first few months is so very important! A healthy happy YOU clears the path for you to take care of your new baby & family!

Motherhood therapist in Concord MA


I encourage you to reach out to Dr. Lauren Brown with Concord Therapy for any reproductive mental health needs! Learn more about Concord Therapy click here

Since you are looking at Concord Health, I’d love to chat with you about Birth Doula services! Click this link to view my doula services & and let’s start the conversation!

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