Massachusetts doula | Who are they and what do they do?!

If you are expecting or hoping to do so soon, you have probably heard of someone called a doula. Or maybe you are already on the search of a Massachusetts Doula! If you don’t know, you are not the only ones who aren’t sure of who they are (or how helpful they can be to expectant moms & new parents!) I sure wish I had known about doulas when I had my babies, and now that I am one myself I truly love taking care of my new mamas and babies! So, what’s a doula? They are generally broken down between birth doulas & postpartum doulas. And you are lucky! Here in Boston, Metrowest Boston & Massachusetts have some of the BEST care for expectant mothers, birth workers & postpartum care. base, they provide moms with the BEST care during & after birth. Learn about the different doulas for new & expectant moms! 

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What is a Massachusetts Doula? 

Massachusetts Doulas are wonderful caregivers you can trust to advocate for your during birth & care for you & baby postpartum 

Breaking it down even further…

Massachusetts doula helping during birth


A Birth Massachusetts doula are wonderful caregivers who accompany you during your labor & birth. Whether it’s in comfort of your own home or in a hospital of your choosing. 

During your labor it is priceless to have a calm, collected & experienced person. There for encouraging you, coaching you & helping guide you through labor. Close family members often make a laboring mom more nervous as they are too stressed out themselves. A birth doula has all the experience to be the solid & calm rock mom needs during labor. As you labor it is very helpful to have someone advocating for your wishes. You & your birth doula will have gone through your birthing plan & alternatives.

They will help you advocate for yourself, and ensure that your wishes are heard & respected during your labor. A birth doula will help give peace of mind during & after your labor & birth. They will be there watching to ensure your wishes are followed with your baby while you are cleaned up after birth. A second pair of hands to bring water & help hold the baby to you. They take some pictures on your cell phone & other small simple things like this. 

Birth doulas do not have set schedules as they book according to their clients need. Doulas usually book 1 client per 4 weeks. Most birth doulas book many months ahead, I would encourage looking for the perfect match during your second trimester. This is better so you will be all set for your birth experience.

Labor helped by Massachusetts Doula Sharon Watkins Photography
Postpartum Massachusetts Doula


PostpartumMassachusetts doulas are caregivers who accompanies you in the days, weeks and months after your birth & you take your new little bundle of joy home! 

A postpartum doula helps with anything to do with newborn care. Changing diapers, making bottles, rocking & burping baby, helping find a care provider such a lactation consultant or offering advice on other providers. Postpartum doulas lend a helping hand when it comes to baby bottles, running dishwasher, light meal prepping, & many other duties. They are a wonderful help to parents as this allows you to be able to have the time you need to eat, nap, relax, shower & many other daily activities that become so very hard with a little one.One of the most challenging things for new parents is getting a full night of restful & undisturbed sleep.

Did I mention extra sleep?!

A postpartum doula is able to be in charge of nighttime duty so parents can get a full night’s sleep. From checking that the baby is okay, to ensuring nighttime meals are done. (Either bringing baby to breastfeeding mom or making formula bottles) having an extra pair of hands at night will help immensely in parents being able to get a good night sleep. And with a good night sleep comes more energy & better spirits. This helps enjoy the time with your little newborn during the day!

During the night your postpartum doula will bring baby right to your room, so you can breastfeed the baby. They will come back in 20 minutes to change the baby & put him back to bed while mom can go right back to sleep. And they will have all pumping parts, bottles, and breast pump ready for mom to use if need be, which is an amazing help! 

Postpartum doulas do not have set schedules as they book according to their clients needs, and usually book only a few clients due to the demands of overnights. Most postpartum doulas book many months ahead, so I would strongly encourage looking for the perfect match during your second or third trimester so you will be all booked up & all set for when your newborn baby arrives!  

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I hope this helped answered what is a Massachusetts Doula for you! 

I hope this breakdown of “Who is a birth and a postpartum Massachusetts Doula ”  and what do they do has been helpful in answering your questions! Boston is a great place with many doulas, with lots of experience to choose from. I hope this article will help you figure out what you are looking for in a birth doula & a postpartum doula. Also helps you narrow down to choose the perfect one for your family! 

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