The BEST Massachusetts MATERNITY photography session locations

Massachusetts MATERNITY

Massachusetts has so many amazing towns, scenic nature & , of course, Boston! I have lived here most of my life & I absolutely love it. As an experienced photographer who specializes in Maternity Sessions I am going to share some of my tips & tricks help you create the maternity session if your dreams! With so many amazing places I hope to narrow down for you my favorite places for a Massachusetts MATERNITY session you will love!

Massachusetts MATERNITY
Fan Pier Park Massachusetts MATERNITY | Sharon Watkins Photography


This is a tried & true location! There is something about the contract of the bustling city to the serene beauty of an expectant mom. I frequently have this location requested for maternity as well as family sessions. Within a short distance not only do you get a breathtaking cityscape backdrop, but also the ocean, boats, walkway & more! 10/10 on my top Massachusetts MATERNITY session locations! Highly recommend!


Do you love flowers, gardens & dreams of cherry blossoms? Then the Arnold Arboretum at Harvard University should be at the very top of your list! This location is made of dreams, creating a delicate beautiful location for the expectant mom. I specially love to photograph my over the top tulle dresses here during summer with the pink & white blossom trees… *sigh* I cannot say enough about how BEAUTIFUL this location is! A favorite for the flower lovers for a Massachusetts MATERNITY location!


One of the many gorgeous Victorian style mansions with gorgeous garden to boot! The Garden Elm Bank is a popular wedding location, and absolutely stunning! The possible photography backdrop locations are too many to count, and all gorgeous! There is a $75 fee associated with having your session here, but WELL WORTH IT to have a unique and memorable Massachusetts MATERNITY session!


Have you ever imagined yourself in a castle? Well this park brings your pretty close to it! An amazing location with a stately stone mansion with gorgeous landscape around, beautiful green window doors, walking trails with little wooden bridges & a lake area nearby. The perfect location to get a lot of amazing AND different scenes all in one place. There is a fee associated with photographing here & requires a bit of walking to get to the different areas but so worth it for an amazing session!


What I consider a perfect beach! This location has the perfect white sands, beach terrain with long grass, and of course… the ocean! Whether you are thinking mermaid style maternity session or a classic white dress look the beach is the perfect location for a dream beach maternity session!


Wait… what do you mean downtown?! YES! The downtown area near you! I LIVE for these sessions! To me it’s the perfect way to make your session memorable & keep it easily accessible to your home! This offers a sentimental keepsake, for the area is usually one that will change immensely in the years your baby grows. Get the city landscape session look at a downtown near your!!

Massachusetts MATERNITY Locations

There are so many amazing & unique Massachusetts MATERNITY locations! While these are some of my favorite ones, I have SOOOO MANY more up my sleeve!

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